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Midjourney was news to me. Started looking into it and wasn't surprised by the very creepy turn it immediately took: https://interestingengineering.com/culture/midjourney-bans-xi-jinping-images

Wound up in this comment box, which is apparently floating about in cyberspace unmoored to the context from whence it sprang, when I clicked on a 'like-your-inane-comment' button in gmail claiming someone or something liked a comment-dropping I left behind in Substack ...? So here goes nothing back at you ...

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:( why do my AI images come out looking like the contents of an un-flushed toilet bowel after a bout of food poisoning on a cruise ship?

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Another great masterpiece, loved the playbook summary & CITI pain index, good to see the USD is under some pressure whilst sitting in the trough of the dollar smile!

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